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Noritake  8.2in Coupe Salad PlateNoritake  8.2in Coupe Salad Plate
Noritake Sheldon 8.10in Coupe Salad PlateNoritake Sheldon 8.10in Coupe Salad Plate
Noritake  6.4in Coupe Bread and Butter PlateNoritake  6.4in Coupe Bread and Butter Plate
Noritake Marlene 5.75in Rimmed Fruit BowlNoritake Marlene 5.75in Rimmed Fruit Bowl
Noritake  7.3in Coupe Soup BowlNoritake  7.3in Coupe Soup Bowl
Noritake Gloria 7.25in Coupe Soup BowlNoritake Gloria 7.25in Coupe Soup Bowl
Noritake  5.4in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake  5.4in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake  5.35in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake  5.35in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake Pasadena 5.3in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake Pasadena 5.3in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake  5.25in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake  5.25in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake Fairmont 5.6in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake Fairmont 5.6in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake Denise 5.5in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake Denise 5.5in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake Gloria 5.9in Coupe Fruit BowlNoritake Gloria 5.9in Coupe Fruit Bowl
Noritake  5.5in Coupe SaucerNoritake  5.5in Coupe Saucer
Noritake Lorelei 6in Coupe SaucerNoritake Lorelei 6in Coupe Saucer
Noritake  5.9in Coupe SaucerNoritake  5.9in Coupe Saucer
Noritake Marlene 6in Coupe SaucerNoritake Marlene 6in Coupe Saucer
Noritake  5.75in Coupe SaucerNoritake  5.75in Coupe Saucer
Noritake Corinth 5.75in Coupe SaucerNoritake Corinth 5.75in Coupe Saucer
Noritake Sheldon 5.85in Coupe SaucerNoritake Sheldon 5.85in Coupe Saucer
Noritake Kent 5.5in SaucerNoritake Kent 5.5in Saucer

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